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The Liquid Nails 3.6 Litre VBS vapour barrier kit is designed to use for both indoor and outdoor use. This one-coat system consists of colour-coded components that makes mixing easy. Dark green pigmented colour exhibits great opacity that allows the user to gauge the application rate easily. Minimal water vapour transmission rate helps in rapid curing.The high adhesion and application properties of the barrier enables it to conform with polyurethane timber flooring adhesive. The pail and measuring stick helps the user to separate the large packs into smaller ones for easy access. Application notes are provided to aid the user in applying this barrier.

  • Suitable to use for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Normally a one-coat system
  • Colour-coded components to aid proper mixing (blue hardener, yellow resin)
  • Controlled opacity - the dark green pigmented colour of the mixed product helps the applicator to gauge a consistent application rate by eye
  • Rapid cure
  • Very low water vapour transmission rate
  • Excellent adhesion and application properties
  • Optimal properties for subsequent bonding with Selleys Liquid Nails DIRECT STICK polyurethane timber flooring adhesive
  • Separate pail and measure stick allows easy division of the large pack into quarters for smaller areas
  • For sealing concrete floor slabs to reduce the amount of water vapour emanating from the concrete
Product Specifications
Width 30  CMT
Height 30  CMT
Depth 30  CMT
Volume 0.027  MTQ