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The 30 meter tradesman extension lead is suitable for buildings as well as industrial and constructions sites. This 3 core 1.5 sq-m flexible heavy-duty lead in orange colour, has 10 Amps socket that suits all rooms and applications. It has voltage rating of 230 - 240 Volts and power rating of 2400 Watts. The fully moulded clear plug and socket offers clear visibility of wires.Lead offers enhanced protection from wheelbarrows and falling building materials. The clamping socket is uniquely designed to hold plug in place to avoid lead pull-apart. The lead is durable enough to withstand environment conditions.

  • Fully moulded and clear plug as well as socket facilitates for easy safety inspection
  • For buildings, industrial and constructions sites
  • Heavy-duty extension lead with voltage rating of 230 - 240 VAC at 50 Hz
  • 10 Amps socket for easy connection to devices
  • 3-core, 1.5 sq-mm lead for heavy-duty applications
  • Clear plug top offers visibility of wiring
Product Specifications
Width 40  CMT
Height 11  CMT
Depth 20  CMT
Volume 0.012  MTQ