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The Pure Power Series 3500 Watts inverter generator has a heavy-duty open frame and is ideal for rough uses. Generator produces a pure sine wave making it safe for sensitive electronics. Two IP44-rated 15 Amp plugs provide good connectivity. Eco throttle minimizes fuel consumption and noise when operating at low loads. User can operate two units simultaneously to double the power outage to 6000 Watts.

  • Ideal for computers, mobile phones, battery chargers for cordless tools
  • Powerbuilt's Pure Power Series
  • Heavy-duty open frame inverter generator
  • Pure sine wave, safe for sensitive electronics
  • Eco throttle reduces fuel consumption and noise at low loads
  • Two IP44 15 Amp plugs
  • Easily run two units in parallel to double your power outage to 6000 Watts
Product Specifications
Width 50.2  CMT
Height 49.5  CMT
Depth 35  CMT
Volume 0.09  MTQ