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The Corded 305mm Slide Compound Mitre Saw is designed to use for industrial applications. Deep eXact cutting technology provides more cutting depth for accurate cuts. Soft start mechanism prevents sudden initiation of the saw. Electric brake protects the saw from any damage and ensures user safety. Two-steel rail sliding system facilitates the usage of the saw against the wall. Saw cuts up to 203mm crown moulding, 171mm for baseboard and 382mm crosscuts at 90 degree.Dual dust collection ports offer optimum extraction performance and keeps the saw clean. In-front bevelling lock keeps the bevelling angle constant for user convenience. Large turn base supports work pieces securely for good operating stability. Built-in guide fences enhances sturdiness of the saw and delivers accurate cuts. Mitre angle can be adjusted from 0 to 60 degree in both left and right directions with positive stops at 0 degree, 15 degree, 22.5 degree, 31.6 degree, 45 degree and 60 degree.

  • See-through blade guard system for greater visibility of blade and line of cut
  • Unique 2-steel rail sliding system design allows operation flush against a wall
  • Increased capacity for up to 203mm crown moulding, 171mm baseboard and 382mm crosscuts at 90 deg
  • Dual dust collection ports provide excellent dust extraction performance
  • In-front bevel lock for convenient operation and large turn base supports work piece securely for increased stability
  • Electronic speed control and electric break maintain constant speed under load for smoother, higher quality cutting
  • Integrated guide fences for increased rigidity and high cutting accuracy
  • Incorporates deep eXact cutting technology achieved by our consistent pursuit of cutting larger size work piece but with higher accuracy
  • Miters 0 to 60 degree left and right and bevels 0 to 48 degree left and right
  • On-tool hex wrench for fast and easy blade changes and keeping it from lost
Product Specifications
Width 59  CMT
Height 53  CMT
Depth 91  CMT
Volume 0.2846  MTQ
Warranty Duration 2  ANN