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The standard nurapad is designed to install tile into a membrane. It endures 1000 kg and spreads the load uniformly over the base. It provides good resistance to water to maintain the stability of the deck. Self-levelling heads help in building a uniform level deck for an attractive look. Head can be rotated easily to adjust the jacks. Acoustic pads reduce the noise levels to ensure a quiet operation.

  • Suitable for installing tile into a membrane
  • Loads are spread over the wide base, which can withstand up to 1000 kg each
  • Ensures stability of the deck and maintains the integrity of any waterproof membrane
  • Meets councils requirements for tiles/pavers/timber decking over membrane decks
  • Self-levelling heads create a level deck and a level indoor/outdoor aesthetic
  • Top adjustable heads - no lifting of the tiles to adjust the jacks
  • Acoustic pads to minimize the noise transference to lower levels
  • Patented European designed and manufactured to the highest standards in quality
  • Comes with 20 years system guarantee, when installed over Nuralite membrane system??
Product Specifications
Width 15  CMT
Height 34  CMT
Depth 15  CMT
Volume 0.0077  MTQ