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Batten Screws are large diameter screws mostly used in outdoor construction and landscaping projects. Powerful cordless drills are able to drive these big screws in to heavy and wet timbers without predrilling, making for fast building. Batten screws have a bugle countersinking head (think of the brass instrument) for a flush finish and sharp serrations cut on the thread for aggressive drilling. Galvanised coating offers good corrosion protection for outdoor projects.

  • PlaceMakers 100mm 14 gauge batten screws are available in 25, 100, 250 & 500 packs and come with a driver bit to get you started
  • All PlaceMakers Batten Screws incorporate a T17 drilling point, which is a sharp flute cut on the end of the screw for quick and aggressive drilling in heavy timbers
  • PlaceMakers Batten Screws have special serrations or teeth cut along the thread for quick drilling
  • These Batten Screws use a 5mm internal-hex type drive, which is a powerful, heavy duty drive for big screws that can take a battering from impact drivers
  • For projects that are exposed to extreme conditions or are close to coastal areas, use Stainless Steel batten screws in grade T316, search for 'Ecko Batten'
  • 75mm, 125mm and 150mm lengths are also available in various pack sizes, all in Galvanised Corrosion Protection
  • For more about screws, check out the 'Beginners Guide to Screws' on PlaceMakers Technical Library
  • …. placemakers.co.nz/fastening-products-technical-library
Width 12  CMT
Height 20  CMT
Depth 8  CMT
Volume 0.0019  MTQ