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The DekFast Cordless Impulse Nail and 1 Fuel Cell is suitable for use with Impulse FrameMaster-Li PowerVent nailer. This DekFast round nail measures 2.87 mm Dia x 65 mm. It features steel construction and armour galvanised finish for excellent corrosion resistance. The paper collation keeps the nails aligned and firing at speed. The ring shank provides superior holding power. It is specifically designed for decking applications.

  • For Impulse FrameMaster-Li PowerVent nailer
  • Nails are manufactured from top quality steel
  • Drive straight and true, regardless of the timber density
  • Ultra high withdrawal resistance
  • While the superior collation keeps the nails aligned and firing at speed
  • DekFast is designed specifically for decking applications
Product Specifications
Width 22.6  CMT
Height 8.8  CMT
Depth 13.8  CMT
Volume 0.0027  MTQ