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The Standard Wallboard is suitable for interior lining in internal walls. It measures 2400 mm x 1200 mm x 10 mm. The gypsum construction makes this product a stronger and more flexible. This wallboard is ideal for ceilings as it is less prone to sagging than other plasterboard. The enhanced manoeuvrability minimizes risk of damage and wastage. Strengthened yellow face paper ensures a consistent surface finish.

  • For interior lining
  • 10 mm GIB standard plasterboard is suitable for walls
  • Thicker and more rigid 13 mm GIB standard plasterboard is recommended for ceilings as its less prone to sagging than 10 mm plasterboard in a ceiling application
  • Lightweight design reduces handling effort on site
  • Strong, so more rigid with less sag
  • Flexible, improving manoeuvrability with less risk of damage and wastage
  • Strengthened paper resulting in a consistently quality surface finish
Product Specifications
Width 240  CMT
Height 1  CMT
Depth 120  CMT
Warranty Duration 10  ANN