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The Iplex Novadrain 101 Series 40 mm DWV Plain Bend in light grey, is designed for various plumbing and piping applications. It is used for changing the direction in a pipeline. This 60 degree bend connects with solvent cement joint. This bend features female thread on both ends for secure connection. It is made of PVC-U for added durability. Plain bend is suitable for use with SN16 PVC-U DWV pipe.

  • Perfect for various plumbing and piping applications
  • Extremely smooth bores, precision joints, and lack of internal projections encourage flow capacity over the total life of the system
  • Flammability - PVC-U does not support combustion and is a non-conductor of electricity
  • Connects using a solvent cement joint
  • Iplex DWV elastomeric seal joints have been designed with high interface pressures which, when coupled with smooth, impervious PVC socket and spigot surfaces, provide high resistance to tree root intrusions
  • The lightweight of Iplex DWV pipes together with longer pipe lengths, flexibility and the use of narrow trench widths minimises installation costs
  • PVC-U has excellent chemical resistance to hydrogen sulphide and the acids or chemicals normally expected to be encountered in sewer drain and waste applications
  • The spacing of manholes can be increased due to reduced incidence of blockage and increased flow rates
  • Ground water infiltration and sewerage exfiltration due to broken and cracked elements and joint openings caused by ground movement are significantly reduced
  • DWV fittings used to make a change in direction in pipe work
Product Specifications
WELS code Not Required